Access to the widest range of features

Generate Insights

Engage in discussions in numerous ways

Online discussions, mobile communities, video recording with automated transcription, automatic translation, text & video chats …

Discussions within a community

You can start a discussion with ease with various answer modes; interact with participants individually, collectively or mix both and activate the collective after first answer functionnality.

Community discussions inlcudes:

  • Tools to help you organize your discussions by category, date, groups and type of activity,
  • A dashboard that you can download with global activities, keywords, mood boards, activities, top discussions, top participants, statistics and more …

Discussions within a topic

Participants, moderators and observers can interact individually or collectively.

Topic discussions include:

  • The possibility for participants to share any type of content such as documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF…), images, videos, audio files, links and more…
  • A dashboard, per topic, that you can download with keywords, mood boards, top comments, active participants, non-active participants, statistics and more…

Mobile Discussions Boards

Access your mobile-friendly platform 24/7 directly from your smartphone or tablet

Your responsive platform includes:

  • The possibility to interact with your participants while they are on the go
  • The ability to switch devices at any point without compromising the member’s experience (desktop, smartphone & tablet)

Record, Transcribe & Translate Videos

Your participants can record a video response directly on the platform from any device (desktop, smartphone & tablet).

Once participants record their content:

  • The video is then automatically transcribed,
  • Moderators can also translate the transcribed content

Automated Text Translation

The platform offers an automatic translation functionnality

  • The translation functionnality allows you and your clients to translate all of your discussions.
  • You won’t miss a beat as you will be able to follow your participant’s answers and instantly respond with translated content.

Text Chat

You can instantly launch online text chat focus groups to conduct real-time discussions with your participant.

Text chat functionnalities allow you to :

  • Create and manage all your chats,
  • Have a live discussion with participants,
  • Have a private conversation with other moderators and observers,
  • Upload any type of digital content (video, image, doc. …),
  • Download discussions at any point…

Video Chat

You can instantly launch online video chat sessions. This video-based conferencing solution allows you to interact with participants on real-time.

Video Chat functionnalities allow you to:

  • Create and manage the video event,
  • Have a live discussion with participants via chat and video,
  • Have a private conversation with other moderators and observers,
  • Share your screen to present digital contents (video, image, doc. …),
  • Download discussions at any point…



Test your Marketing Mix & Co-Create

Heatmap, Audio & Video Tracking,  Collage, UX Testing, Chrono Testing, Drawing …


An image-based concept testing tool

Moderators are able to upload an image and participants will be able to select, track and record their comments directly on your image/visual concept.




Audio & Video Tracking

Share your audio and video files so that participants can share their opinions.

Your participants will be able to view and comment on your audio and video files.

When one of your members has something to share or have a question to ask, they will be able to pause the video and comment directly on the platform.



Engage your participants differently by creating a collage.

Moderators are able to select different types of collages (such as chart, graph or image of your choosing).

Participants will then be able to place various pre-selected images on the collage to represent their opinions.


UX Testing

This function, developed in collaboration with our partner UserZoom, will allow you to gather user experience feedback (on your websites, mobile application and more).

You will be able to:

  • Evaluate and measure user’s overall experience,
  • Get feedback on your interface’s quality, ease of use, performance, architecture, navigation, taxonomy and more…
  • Track user perceptions through powerful data and video processing tools,
  • Follow through on ease of navigation…

Chrono Testing

This function will allow you to test your projects under specific viewing conditions:

Customization of the number of times and of the duration of visualization of your media

You will be able to test your packages, your new communications and other marketing tools with your consumers in real-world like conditions…




Your participants will be able to showcase their talents by completing drawing activities.

The platform has a wide range of tools available to modertors and participants to draw, upload text & images and more…





Create the best Surveys

Mini Surveys & Elaborated Surveys powered by Qualtrics

Mini Surveys

A flexible tool made to create mini polls on your platform to either all of your participants or a specific group of members.

The mini poll functionality:

  • Is easy to manage,
  • Has various type of settings: you can decide which page to publish your mini poll on (for example: in a topic, on the homepage and more) and which participants can access the exercise (all participants or specific groups & sub-groups)

Elaborated Surveys

You already have a survey solution or you want to have access to a specific or new survey solution?

Krealinks  is an open architecture platform that allows us to integrate your favorite technologies into our applications.

Krealinks has partnered up with Qualtrics  to give you all the tools necessary to create and integrate elaborated quantitative surveys in your platform.



Customize your Platform 100%

Home Page Design & Customized Graphics

Customize your Platform

You can modify the parameters of the interface to better represent your marketing research needs:

  • Design of the Homepage,
  • Design of your events,
  • Design of your topics and surveys …


Have full control of your Community

Automated Moderation System, Full Management System for your Members, your Insights and your Gamification

Manage your participants

As a moderator, you have full control over how to manage the members in your community.

Moderators are able to:

  • Invite members as either: participants, moderators, recruiters, observers and administrators,
  • Invite participants in one click and follow up on your active and non-active members,
  • Track your participant’s engagement level,
  • Accept or refuse members,
  • Create & place members in specific groups,
  • Contact members collectively or individually…

Manage the Gamification

The platform allows you to easily manage your scoring and gamification system to keep track of participant’s contributions:

  • GAMIFICATION PLAN: you have the possibility to set up different types of incentives to be awarded to your participants (gifts, gift vouchers, points, etc.)…
  • TRACKING + SCORING + ALLOCATION: the platform tracks participant’s activities, scores members quantitatively (ranking participants by number and quality of comments) and allows you to assign a winner based on the platform statistics.

Manage Discussions

Effortlessly manage your conversations within your communities.

As a moderator you can:

  • Create different types of topics to diversify your discussions,
  • Perform mass actions on topics,
  • Follow the topic statistics (level of participation, number of comments and more)…
  • Utilize the filter tool to search for specific keywords, participant profiles and comments, date, groups, member statuses and more…


Automated Moderation System

We offer you an automatic solution to help with moderation and spam management for large communities:

  • Our AMS (Automatic Moderation System) is a way of dealing with spam in an aggregate, crowd-sourced spam-fighting tool.
  • Each time someone posts a comment in our community, the AMS checks it against all the comments in the database. If it’s a spam, it’s deleted and added to the database so the pool of spam comments widens, making KREALINKS AMS increasingly effective over time.

Notification System

Manage your alerts and notifications regardless of your role (moderator, participant, recruiter, observer and administrator).

The notification tool helps you manage your alerts so that nothing goes unseen or incomplete…


Personal Account

Each member (participant, observer, moderator & administrator) can access and fully customize their profile to:

  • Get a global view of their communities and events,
  • Follow up on ongoing conversations,
  • Receive notifications,
  • Find contacts,
  • Exchange directly with moderators…



Dashboards and A.I. Analysis System

Dashboards, Data Tagging, Data Export, Automated Discussions Analysis


You have access to a wide range of dashboards to monitor various activities within your community.

Delve in deeper by looking at the dashboards available per event, per members, per topic, category and more…


Data Tagging System


Tag comments and other types of content on the platform (such as: a topic, a comment, a portion of text within a comment, an image and more…)

As a moderator you can filter your results to export tagged content to optimize your research analysis


Data Export

Export your data and results at any time as many times as you want:

  • Filter your reports according to criteria that suits your market studies need’s (such as: by role, group & sub-group, date of publication, tags, keywords, categories, status and more…)
  • Export published images, videos and audio files

Choose how your results are presented (final results can be exported in Excel or PDF format)

Automated Discussions Analysis

Our solution reveals the structure and meaning of text by offering powerful machine learning models.

You can use it to extract information about people, places, events and much more, mentioned in the posts of topics and comments of the participants. You can use it to understand sentiment from conversations happening in your community.



Automated Images Analysis

Our solution enables to understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine learning models.

It quickly classifies images into thousands of categories (e.g., « sailboat », « lion », « Eiffel Tower »), detects individual objects and faces within images, finds and reads printed words contained within images.


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